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One of my favorite comics is Peanuts. One winter evening Linus sticks his head out the door and calls to his sister Lucy, “Mom said to tell you it’s time to come in.” Standing next to her snowman Lucy says, “Rats.” As she turns to go in she says, “Goodnight friend, I’ll see you in the morning.” Standing at the front door Lucy again turns to her snowman saying, “Goodnight!” Inside Lucy takes off her coat and gloves as Linus watches TV in the background; going over to the window she looks out at her snowman friend and says, “I feel sorry for my snowman; I hate to see him stand out in the yard alone all night.” Can you guess what happens next? Linus sighs with a long frown on his face as he stands out in the cold next to Lucy’s snowman friend.

We’re not told if Linus had compassion on the snowman or not; Schultz leaves ut...

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