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The true story is told of two drunks who were sitting in a bar late one night and having an argument about who had the best wife. As they were arguing, the first drunk decides to prove that his wife is the best, so he invites his friend home with him. They arrived at the house at 1:00 in the morning, with the wife fast asleep. The husband barged into the bedroom, began yelling at his wife, and demanded that she get out of bed and come into the kitchen and cook a meal for him and his friend. That man didn’t deserve any respect, yet without uttering a single word of complaint, the wife got up and went to the kitchen and did exactly what her husband asked.

Afterwards, his friend said, “You win the bet. If I tried something like that with my wife, she would have thrown us both out of the house. You have the best wife.” And with that, he left to go home.

The first drunk sat there and looked at his tired and abused wife. He asked her, “Honey, as rotten and mean as I’ve been to you all these years, how can you possibly be so good to me and put up with all my foolishness?” Her response was, “Well, dear, I’m a Christian. I know that I will have to suffer down here on this earth, but I have an eternity of happiness and peace and...

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