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Dick Alexander, Raw

It’s a word I never liked

Raw carrots are too hard

Raw oysters too slimy

Raw humor is too dirty

Raw skin is too painful

In fact raw applied to anything human sounds painful

But we live in a world of raw human need

It’s all around us

Do you ever wonder how many people struggle with homosexuality in your church

How many alcoholics

How many families with incest

How many addicts, how victims of violence and abuse

Will they find help

With the raw human need touching us every day

The church can scarcely afford business as usual

In practice many traditional churches view their mission

As holding Sunday services

Satisfying the members and doing a little good here & there

Such churches are on the way out

Within a few years they will be dinosaurs

Not because their doctrine is bad but because they lost their mission

Only churches serious about rescuing the hurting will survive and make a difference…


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