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I spent five years as the chaplain and resource development director of a treatment center for abused children; watching, praying for, and working with children from dysfunctional families. I learned a lot about being a normal family…

Families are dysfunctional when they go off in every direction, when every person in the family has his or her own agenda. Families are “normal” when they have some common goal or purpose. The last thing I asked Mary Ella before we left Thomasville was, “Do you want to go?” If she had said “no,” we would not be here. If God is calling me to move, he will call Mary Ella too.

A good friend, who happens to be black, and I had put together a “home services” business. We’d already decided to call it “Salt & Pepper Home Services.” He was a carpenter/mechanic and I was an electrician/botanist. Both of us could mow grass. So we were ready to apply for a business license, when God opened the door to Metter. I’d rather mow grass with Mary Ella than to move to Metter without her.

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