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Zanzibar is an old city in East Africa. A city with an unfortunate past. It is filled with ornate architecture, and it is the home of the Swahili Institute, the official guardians of the Kiswahili language. But, for nearly 300 years it was the home of something else. It was the home of one of East Africa’s largest slave markets.

But, something happened in Zanzibar. About 157 years ago a single man walked out of the interior of Africa with a message of liberation and a determination to announce that message to those who were bound by slavery. That man’s name was David Livingstone. Even today, the name of David Livingstone commands deep respect in East Africa. David Livingstone took on the evil of the slave trade in East Africa, and it was due to his influence and demands that the slave trade was abandoned.

Today, in Zanzibar, an Anglican Cathedral rises on the very site of the former slave market, and the platform holding up the high altar of the church is the very same platform that for 300 years displayed slaves as they were being auctioned off to Arab slave traders.

This is a picture of how God wants...

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