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Bob Russell, a preacher in Kentucky, says that when he was 11-12 he wanted to build his brother, John, a toy wheel barrow for Christmas. He got some old broom handles and a wheel off a wagon and some old wood. Bob said he put together the most awful looking contraption you can imagine. One week before Christmas Bob’s Grandpa came to visit and he was a carpenter. And Bob asked him if he would look at this wheel barrow & help him. Bob said his Grandpa didn’t laugh and he wasn’t critical but just said, "Let’s see what we can do." Bob says he remembers his Grandpa taking it apart, cutting it down, sanding it, adding a few pieces, he added an axle to the wheel and together we painted it. And when it was finished, it was first rate! Bob says, "I gave it to my brother on Christmas day and the first thing my brother said was, "There’s no way You made this!"

When I heard that I thought: That’s what God does for us. We try to fashion our own lives. Sometimes the harder we try the more messed up things become. But when we turn to Jesus & place our trust in Him, He takes the same material- Our talents, our personalities, & the Master Carpenter makes something beautiful of our lives.

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