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Dr Robert Leroe, a pastor in Saugus, Massachusetts tells this story:

One of our local Catholic Priests stopped by the church a few weeks ago and was admiring our sanctuary. He was surprised that our church has 2 stained glass windows with pictures of Mary. I gave him my assessment: Catholics give Mary too much honor, and Protestants don’t give her enough. Surprisingly, he agreed with both statements.

The veneration of Mary began in the 4th Century—individuals began teaching that the way of salvation is through Mary (Alphonsus de Liguori, The Glories of Mary). While some people are guilty of Mariolatry, worshipping the mother of Jesus, others have over-reacted and have made her a non-entity. Perhaps part of the reason is that we don’t read much about Mary in the New Testament—she appears only a few times....

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