3-Week Series: Double Blessing

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-Did you know that some of the best business minds in the country are working really hard to get you and your sons hooked on pornography. Some have called it - The Mainstreaming of Pornography – 60 Minutes did a story on this last Sunday night.

Consider these facts:

*Sales of sexual films in hotel rooms, homes, and online has become a $10 billion industry, according to Forrester Research of Cambridge, Mass.

*General Motors, the world’s largest company, now sells more graphic sex films through its DirecTV subsidiary than does Hustler pornographer Larry Flynt, according to distributors of the films

*EchoStar Communications Corp., the No. 2 satellite provider, makes more money selling sex films than Playboy does with its magazines, cable, and Internet businesses, records from the companies show.

The sex business in America is estimated to be a $13 billion-a-year industry. It is estimated that 60% of all web sites are pornographic and that Americans spent $220 million in 2002 at fee-based adult web sites. By the year...

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