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Christian author Joyce Landorf wrote a book entitled, Tough and Tender: What Every Woman Wants In A Man. In one chapter she mentions a man she calls George, who worked at her husband’s bank. George was recently divorced. And he was leading a lifestyle of sexual liberation. If anybody looked like the most enviable California bachelor in banking, it was George. He had a beach apartment; beautiful women coming and going; no-hassle sex night after night. Most men would think that George had it made. But what did George think?

Landorf writes this: “ … one afternoon George came up to my husband’s desk and haltingly said, ‘Uh, Dick, could I talk to you about something?’ Then, as nearly as Dick can remember, this is what George related. ‘You know, Dick, I’ve really got it made. I’m free from the attachments of marriage. I’ve got this great place at the beach and I go to bed with one sexy gal after another. I come and go as I please and I do my own thing. But something is really bothering me and I can’t figure it out. Every morning as I get dressed for work I look into the mirror and I think, “What was last night’s sexy little game all about? Sure the girl was good-looking. She was good in bed and she left this morning without bugging me, but is that all there is in life?” I ask myself, “If this lifestyle is what every guy thinks he wants, why am I so depressed? Why do I feel a cold nothingness all the time?”’

George stopped, leaned closer to Dick and quietly continued, ‘I know the guys here think it would be fantastic...

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