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One of the greatest spokesmen for the cause of Christ today is Chuck Swindoll, host of the national radio broadcast "Insight for Living," for many years a pastor and now president of Dallas Theological Seminary. Howard Hendricks, who was one of Chuck’s teachers while he was in seminary, remembers him as a real go-getter in school. Howard said, "I felt this guy was a winner from the moment I met him. He always set in the front row. His questions were extraordinarily perceptive, and even after class the questions did not stop. It was abundantly clear that this man had a bright future ahead of him" However, Chuck says that he struggled with self-doubt for years and at times even thought of quitting the ministry. One factor that helped him to hang in there was his relationship with his mentor Howard Hendricks. As Chuck puts, "Hendricks believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself." Jesus also believed in his disciples even when they didn’t believe in themselves.

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