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One of the greatest stories ever written was when Paul and Silas were in Philippi, with swollen ankles, bleeding backs, beaten with rods, in a rat infested inner prison. Apparently that is a good platform for revival. Apparently that is a good time to write history.

Do you hear them grumbling?

Do you hear them criticizing everybody else?

Do you hear them running everybody else down?

Do you hear them talking or complaining?

-Paul said, “We will not look at our difficulties. We will not measure the height of these walls, neither will we look at any of this.” The inner prison was indescribable, but Paul said, “I will remember the Lord God who split the Red Sea and He is the God of the cloud and the fire.”

-“I know that I cannot curse the darkness, there is only one thing that can take care of the darkness. I will light a little torch. Let’s sing. I know that it is midnight, but I am going to use everything I have. My hands are in stocks. My feet are in bonds. I’m beaten but I can wiggle my fingers and toes. I have a mouth. I am not going to wait for big things. I am not going to wait for the moment.”

-They turned a place of torture into a cathedral of triumph and...

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