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In a sermon by Ken Hemphill, former President of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary he tells of a Sunday evening after church. He stopped by a pizza parlor on the way home from church. While waiting for the pizza, he went next store to a grocery store and there got a carton of milk. On the side of which was the picture of two children. As he tells it, “I paid for my few items and walked back into the pizza parlor. My steaming hot pizzas had been packaged to go. To my surprised the coverings to the pizzas were adorned with the pictures of yet two more children. I began to read. “Susie, eleven years old, blonde hair, last seen March 3. They were lost children.” “Involuntarily and compulsively, I reached down and hugged my youngest daughter Katie, to my side. The horror of a lost child flooded through my mind. What must these parents feel? Shock, panic, fear, gut-wrenching pain.” Then Hemphills asks this question, “If we feel so intensely when one of our children is lost for a moment, how must our Heavenly Father feel when He sees one of His children facing the prospect of being lost for eternity.”

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