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I have read somewhere of a British scientist in India who years ago, was greatly troubled by the Hindu custom of drinking the water of their sacred river Ganges. He knew the water was full of impurities and most harmful to those who persisted in taking it. He wondered what he could do to stop the stupid practice. So he arranged an experiment and invited a leading Hindu priest, supposing that if he could only show the good man conclusively what foul drinking water it was, the priest would use his influence to save his people from disease. The day came. By means of powerful glasses the scientist magnified the foreign bodies in the water and invited the priest to look through the eyepiece and see what dreadful dangers were there. It was terrible water. It was like the water Kipling mentions in Gunga Din. "It was crawling, green, and stunk." But in the midst of the examination, when the scientist turned his back to get another specimen glass, swift as thought, the Hindu priest snatched the apparatus from the bench and dashed it to a dozen pieces on the floor. It was the answer of ignorance, and only the strong-nerved could see him and not shudder.

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