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Several years ago, USA Today reported the results of a Roper Starch Worldwide survey of the wealthiest 1 percent of U.S. households or the 1 million households that have an annual income of at least $250,000 or a net worth at least $2.5 million. They were asked what they were willing to pay for various sources of happiness, from being president to a place in heaven.

Two items were worth less than $100,000. At the bottom of the list was "being president," which was worth only $55,000 to respondents; even "great beauty" was worth much more - $83,000.

The next three items made a jump to the $200,000s. For "reunion with a lost love," the rich were willing to part with $206,000; for "eternal youth," they were willing to pay $259,000; and for "talent," slightly higher, at $285,000.

"Great intellect" and "true love" were priced over $400,000. "Intelligence" was worth $407,000, and "true love" $487,000.

The fondest and most expensive wish on rich folks’ lists is "a place in heaven," which was worth $640,000 to them- more than eleven times the worth of "being president," more than eight times that of "great beauty," and more than twice the sum for "eternal youth" or...

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