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“A 2 a.m. Miracle” – Joni Eareckson Tada

It was 2 a.m. and Ken, my husband was snoring softly beside me, not aware that I was biting my lip to keep from waking him up. The combination of my paralysis with middle-of-the-night insomnia always makes me feel claustrophobic. But this was different. The pain in my neck and shoulders was searing. I tried to move my head on the pillow, but was stopped short by a razor –sharp stab in the back of my neck.

“O God,” I whispered, “I need to reposition, but I haven’t the heart to wake up Ken. He only has a few hours before hi alarm goes off, yet…I cannot tolerate this pain. Please, I can’t live like this….help me?”

I began to breathe deeply and recite a favorite hymn: “And I shall see Him face to face, and tell the store - Saved by Grace. And I shall see Him face to face, and tell the story - Saved by Grace.”

The next thing I knew it was morning, Ken was off to work, and my girlfriend had arrived to get me up. When I told her about my rough night, she replied, “I bet you can’t wait for heaven.” Joni looked at her friend and said, “I just experienced a small piece of it.”

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