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Dr. James Dobson tells a story about a family that lived in the Northeast part of the country. In the bitterly cold part of winter their car had become espe­cially dirty, what with road salts, frozen slush, and other wintry deposits. Conscious of the condition of their car, this family was driving down the road and came across an un­usual sight. Water was gushing into the air from a broken pipe, beneath the surface of the road. A work crew had ar­rived and was just getting set up. Simultaneously, the fam­ily concluded that this was the perfect occasion for a car wash. They pulled the car far enough forward to park un­der the shower of water. The road crew watched, somewhat puzzled, and a little amused.

Since it was still bitterly cold, they left the engine running, and kept the heater going as well. In a short time, a rather unpleasant odor began to dominate. It was about this same time that the family noticed that the water which was run­ning down the windshield was not clear, not clear at all. Fi­nally they understood the problem-they were not parked under the shower of a broken water main, they were under the shower of a broken sewer main. Quickly, they de­parted, watching the filthy matter freeze to their car in the bitter cold of that day

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