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RECRUITMENT... by Pastor Greg Buchner

There’s a term in Audiology/hearing circles called recruitment. Unlike military recruitment or church committee recruitment, this recruitment is defined as “the range between the volume you are most comfortable hearing vs. the highest volume you are the most uncomfortable.”

I like the analogy this term presents. Because in the life of the church, I’ve seen a lot of folk, mostly figuratively but some physically, who don’t talk loud enough to be heard comfortably, and I’ve heard folks who speak so loud that they’re just plain uncomfortable to listen to.

I believe this is key. If we want to maintain our Christian witness so that others may see Christ in us and thereby want to become disciples, if we want to keep in sight the life of peace that shows most prominently in how we care for one another...

...then we need to choose our words carefully so that God’s message may be heard in spite of the messenger.

Let’s start, or hopefully continue, choosing our words more carefully, because we know that they mean so much!

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