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There were two armies... one twice as strong as the other. The commander of the larger army sent an envisage to other asking for surrender. The commander of the smaller army called up three men. To the first he said. "Fall on your sword." The man immediately stuck the hilt of his sword into the earth and then impaled himself on his own sword. To the second the commander said, "Thrust yourself through with your spear." The soldier immediately went to a nearby tree where he fixed his spear firmly the but end braced against the ground among the roots. He backed off a few steps and then ran and fell on his own spear the point thrusting through his heart. The commander then turned to a third soldier and said, "Run and leap off of that precipice." The envisage looked over the edge of the cliff to see the small thread like shape of a river far below. The soldier came running and with a leap disappeared over...

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