3-Week Series: Double Blessing

Sermon Illustrations

Each football season the Texas Longhorns play the Oklahoma Sooners in the Red River Shoot Out. It is played in the neutral city of Dallas. Thousands of fans from each team invade the city to witness the clash between these archrivals. Sometimes the clash extends beyond the playing field. One year a scuffle broke out in the stands and a handful of men were arrested and taken down town. To avoid jail they had to pay a $ 250.00 fine. One fan didn’t have the money. All he had besides his drivers’ license was his Neiman Marcus credit card. He showed the card to the judge, who said, "You can’t pay your fine with that. You’re spending the weekend in jail."

When the man got to make his phone call, he didn’t call his wife. He called the Neiman Marcus store and told them his story. The story made it’s way up the company ladder until a Neiman Marcus vice-president said, "This guy is one of our customers, we’ll help him out." The paid his fine and charged his card.

Now, if Neiman Marcus could be loyal to a customer, do you think maybe your Father in heaven could be loyal to one of his children? And God won’t charge your card.

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