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Oh my friends, what if those who recently perished in that giant wave knew that those in church often spend more time praying for each other’s sicknesses than they do for lost people’s salvation?

Years ago, a farmer in Asia stood outside his hut and down the hill toward the sea. There in the distance he saw a wave that seemed to be larger than usual, headed his way. As he watched, the wave grew and grew in height. Looking around, he saw his neighbors and the rest of the villagers farming in the fields below, unable to see the wave headed their way. In just a few minutes, the wave would overtake them and they would all be lost. Thinking quickly, he grabbed a torch and set his hut on fire, with all of the rice he had already gathered for the coming winter. After lighting the fire, he began to ring the village bell and his neighbors, looking up and seeing the fire, immediately left their fields and ran up the...

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