6-Week Series: Against All Odds

Sermon Illustrations

There was a man who purchased one of those do it yourself kits from the sporting goods store. It contained all the parts to build a replica of the old muzzleloader guns used in days gone by. He pealed open the box, broke through 3 pieces of tape inscribed with warnings, tossed aside the safety manual, threw out the warning stickers and proceeded to sand and stain and assemble his new firearm.

When all was ready, he purchased a grade of powder, and with no regard to the warnings printed on the side he poured in what he thought was a good measure and tamped a lead bullet down the barrel. Setting the charge he leveled the piece at a target down the way and pulled the trigger...

When he arrived in heaven he was found to be a Christian man, and therefore was ushered into heaven. Jesus was standing there greeting him when the man interrupted and asked, "Why didn’t you protect me from the blast?"

Jesus eyed him momentarily and gently said, "Friend, you had 6 warnings- but you chose to do it your way instead of listening to the ones who knew better. What more should I have done?"

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