6-Week Series: Against All Odds

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Let me tell you a story about a Christian just like you and I. Let’s call him George for no good reason. George woke up Monday morning after a remarkable Weekend. Family time was well spent and The church services were excellent. He’d had testimonies of answered prayer in his own life and the Preacher’s message had moved him and several other people to kneel at the altar and pray that morning!

George was running just a little bit late and as a result pulled into the parking lot a bit to fast. As he found his space he also turned the wheel too sharply and managed to scrape a neat line down the length of His boss’s car. Jumping out in dismay, George noticed that wonder of wonder’s his own car was unharmed. It took only a second to get back in the car and find a new spot several rows over. Nobody saw the accident and nobody need know - His boss after all was a wealthy man compared to George’s salary, and if he could afford a brand new BMW, he could also afford to have it painted George reasoned.

As the Day wore on, George even began to consider the depth of God’s blessing in the whole event. After all, there wasn’t so much as a smudge on George’s car! Surely the incident was intended to be a curse to his Boss for his greed and a blessing to Him for his goodness!

That afternoon on the way out to the parking lot - George witnessed an argument between his boss and another employee who had taken the empty...

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