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What does God promise us? He will watch over your life; the LORD will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore. It goes back to the same theme throughout. The LORD is watching, no matter whether you’re coming or going - He’s watching. I’d compare it to walking through a mall with your kids. When my kids go walking through the mall, sometimes they’ll get pretty obnoxious and a little out of control. One time Tristan went running in Wal-mart and ran straight into a shopping cart - had blood gushing out his forehead and everything. They like to run ahead, hide behind coat racks, and go up and down the escalators. After about a half an hour of that I get angry with them and try to drag them back in line. If they ever got lost, it would be a scary thing. I can guarantee you, that if they ever looked up to find that mom and dad weren’t anywhere around, they would freak out as well. The picture the Psalmist is drawing is kind of similar to the kid in the shopping mall. He wants to assure us, “I - as the Parent am always watching. You can lose me, but I can’t lose you.” This kind of promise is made to give us courage as we travel through this strange and dangerous world. Don’t be too afraid to explore it. Don’t be too afraid to step out. But don’t be careless either. Keep your eyes on the LORD - and GO. Nothing can happen to you that God won’t allow to happen.

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