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Last Sunday was the Super Bowl. Now, during that game like in all NFL games, every time the team went into the huddle they had 45 seconds to call a play, get to the line and hike the ball. Now wouldn’t it be stupid if no one was in charge in that huddle? If everyone came and all 11 players discussed what play they thought was best? The lineman would want one play, the receivers another.. They’d never break out of the huddle! That’s why the coach gives the quarterback delegated authority in that huddle. He calls the plays! Maybe someone in the huddle is smarter than Tom Brady or Donovan McNabb. Maybe someone does have a better play! But someone has got to make the final decision and call the play and get to the line and that’s the quarterback. It is the delegated authority needed to make a team successful. Being submissive has nothing to do with talent or intelligence but everything to do with following God’s design and have the most peaceful and effective marriage and home!

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