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My heart was touched this week by some breaking news from the musical world of heavy metal. The headline reads: Korn guitarist leaving to follow Jesus.

"Popular heavy metal band, Korn, has parted ways with guitarist and founding member, Brian, "Head" Welch who has chosen Jesus Christ as his savior and will be dedicating his musical pursuits to that end. Welch detailed a long list of reasons for leaving the band, including increased moral objections to Korn’s music and videos. Korn is an MTV favorite by the way. They’re very popular. In particular, Welch was really upset by how he was portrayed in a music video when his face was superimposed on the body of dog that patrolled a strip club.

The heavy metal world is dark place, the band Korn is widely known as an anti-christian group. They’re not only resistant to God, they hate God.

Sunday February 27th which is today, Welch plans to address the congregation that is responsible for his conversion. Welch will speak to the congregation at Valley Bible Fellowship in Bakersfield, CA. He plans to leave for a tour of the Holy Land the next day. Welch said, "a lot of people think I’m crazy for leaving the band, I...

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