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Prudentius (c. 348-after 405)

His power and miracles proclaim him God.

I see the wild winds suddenly grow calm

When Christ commands; I see the storm-tossed sea

Grow smooth, with tranquil surface bright

At Christ’s behest; I see the waves grow firm

As the raging flood sustains his treading feet

He walks dry shod upon the flowering tide

And bears upon the flood with footsteps sure.

He chides the winds and bids the tempest cease.

Who would command the stormy gales: “Be still,

Your strongholds keep and leave the boundless sea,”

Except the Lord and maker of the winds? …

Who on the sea could walk, who with firm step

Upon the flood could without sinking tread

That path with soles upborne and feet unwet,

Except the author of the deep, the Spirit,

Poured from the Father’s lips, that moved across

The waves, not yet hemmed in by solid shores?

A Hymn on the Trinity, Lines 649-79

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