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Intervarsity Christian Fellowship had an interesting article written by Curtis Chang, refuting some of the claims made by Anada Gupta that the Bible, in regards to the resurrection of Jesus, was bad history and that the men who wrote it were just myth makers. Chang writes:

"The names that are specifically mentioned for the first trip [to the tomb]are all consistent: they are women, with Mary Magdalene figuring prominently in all accounts, as Gupta concedes.

This consistent detail is again significant for distinguishing the male, Jewish authors of Gospels from myth makers or fabricators. As Boston College professor of literature Peter Kreeft, reminds us:

'In first century Judaism, women had low social status and no legal right to serve as witnesses. If the empty tomb were an invented legend, its inventors surely would not have had it discovered by women, whose testimony was considered worthless.

If, on the other...

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