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Several years ago, in the Tufts University Daily paper, Ananda Gupta wrote an article arguing that the parts of the bible that promote a belief in the resurrection were “not good history.” His based his argumento on what he called "a typical standard for reliable history -- consistency."

Curtis Chang, the Affiliate Chaplain of Tufts University, gave this reply to Gupta’s argument:

“Gupta fails most fundamentally in his article by judging the historicity of the resurrection in a way he would never judge any other historical event. If he were to apply the same standard of consistency widely, he must conclude John F. Kennedy is alive and well.

Take any four compiled accounts of JFK’s assassination. They will differ -- indeed present outright inconsistencies -- in details ranging from how many shots were fired, was there a second gunman in that grassy knoll, what were Lee Harvey Oswald’s connections to the KGB, to even a basic question of who actually was responsible for the fatal bullet?

Indeed, the rather trivial differences Gupta cites about the resurrection accounts pale in comparison. Yet, no one in his or her right mind would thus conclude that the actual key event -- the death of JFK -- never occurred.

National Enquirer adherents aside, we all believe JFK died, for...

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