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We have all heard the "Good New!"..."Bad News!" aphorisms. Here’s one with a little different twist. I have some "Bad News!...Good News!...Best News!" for you...

The bad news, you are dying! It’s no joke, biologist tell us that every day, to some extent, each of us are dying...The cells and atoms in our bodies are dying. In fact, every atom and every cell that is now in our bodies will die off within the next seven years. In essence, we are experiencing a daily dying of our physical being.

The good news, you are being restored! Just as the cells and atoms in our bodies are dying, likewise new ones are being created to take their place. It is my understanding, (and I make no claim to being a biologist) this process makes a complete transition every seven years. In one way, every seven years, you completely become a different person. So, when someone tells you, you’re not the same person you use to be, there is a whole lot of truth in it. I find this whole idea of our bodies continously dying and being restored a rather refreshing thought. But!...even with this good news...we will eventually taste physical death, the bad news!

The Best News! You don’t have to wait seven years to be made a "new person". And the Best news...this time, the "new person" will live forever. The Bible says if anyone be IN CHRIST, he is a NEW craature; old things are passed away; all things become new.

Yet, we must die to self and self-interest, and be raised with Christ and be Christ-absorbed. So, when making decisions we will make decisions based on faith in Christ and not based on our own self-interest. --Author Unknown I picked this Illustration up nearly 20 years ago and have made some modifications to it over the years but I can’t remember the source.

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