6-Week Series: Against All Odds

Sermon Illustrations

-I want to share with you the Top 10 motivational tips of the cynic.

1) Motivation – If a pretty poster and a cute saying are all it takes to motivate you, you probably have a very easy job, the kind robots will be doing soon.

2) (Snowflakes). Individuality –Always remember that you are unique, just like everybody else.

3) (Lounging leopard) Indifference –- It takes 43 muscles to frown and 17 to smile, but it doesn’t take any to just sit there with a dumb look on your face.

4) (The Great Pyramids) Achievement –- You can do anything you set your mind to when you have vision, determination, and an endless supply of expendable labor.

5) (Here’s Butch the soccer player with little Cody). Goals –It is best to avoid standing directly between a competitive jerk and his goals.

6) (A football receiver being laid out by a tackler). Success –Some people dream of success, while other people like to crush those dreams.

7) (Taj Mahal in India). Discovery –A company that will go to the end of the earth for its people will find it...

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