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Forgiven and Pardoned (source: Illustrations Unlimited)

It reminds me of the story of a young employee who secretly misappropriated several hundred dollars of his business firm’s money. When this action was discovered, he walked up the stars toward the administrative office he was told to report to. He knew, with a heavy heart, that without a doubt he would lose his position in the firm, possibly face legal action, and he and his family would find their world collapsing around them.

Upon arrival at the office, the senior executive questioned the man about the whole affair. They young man held nothing back, but told about the every illegal act and his wish that he could take it all away.

Then the surprising question came, “If I keep you in your present position,” said the senior executive, “can I trust you in the future?” The younger worker not missing this chance brightened up and said, “Yes sir…you surely can!”

The senior executive continued, “I’m not going to press charges, and you can continue in your present responsibility, but let me tell you why…”

“About twenty years ago, someone like yourself, made the exact mistake you made. He came into this same office and he too spoke to the senior executive. It was the first time in the history of the firm that something like that had happened. That young man succumbed to temptation. Would you like to know what happened to that young man? He now occupies this office. What you have done I...

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