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My grandfather Ralph Hose would never go fishing on a Sunday. As his grandson I asked him why. He told me the story of his brother Herbert. In my grandfather’s family the men never went to church but the women did every Sunday. On any Sunday Ralph, Wilbur, Harold, Herbert, and my great grandfather Walter would be out fishing all day. They never went to church and they did not have much use for women’s activities like going to church. One night Herbert went out to do some chores and the old mule kicked him in the head. Early in the morning Herbert died at the age of 12. There was much sorrow! As they were going through the visitation and funeral the men of the family were greatly concerned about Herbert’s soul. They went to the preacher and asked, "What’s going to happen to Herbert?" What could the preacher say? He said, "No preparations were made for the hearafter, so I don’t know what to tell you. I don’t know." Because they felt like they played a part in the situation, from that time on the men of my grandfather’s family were always in church every Sunday. All of the males came forward and gave their hearts and lives to Jesus Christ. They made preparations for the hearafter. That is why my grandfather never went fishing on Sunday’s and he was always at church.

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