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Paul knew that the wisdom and scope of God’s plan, which had been outlined in the verses prior to this verse, as well as in the previous chapter, was brought about by His amazing power.

Not necessarily just the power we can see, but perhaps even more often in the power we cannot see at work, until we get at least a glimpse of the results.

When we go over to Beaver Lake, I’m always amazed at the smoothness of some of the rock formations, in addition to the way there are all these interesting niches seemingly scraped out of the rocks. In fact, they are scraped out of the rocks, by the power of the water, incessantly, over years and years, lapping at the surface of the rocks, until there are these indentations.

Looking at it without knowledge of what was happening, you’d never call that water powerful, but inevitably, inexorably, the water does have its genuine, permanent impact on the rocks. I believe that’s just a small glimpse of how God works in people.

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