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Make two fists right now, please. Squeeze your fists as hard as you can. Tighter. Tighter. Don’t let go until I tell you to. Just hold it there for a while. Are you getting tired? Hold it. Hold it. Hold it. Just a little tighter. Okay, now let go.

First did you notice the pain in your fingers when you finally let go? The fists were causing you pain, but it also hurt to STOP making the fists. When we carry a grudge, the grudge squeezes us to death, but the longer we carry that grudge we also find that it’s more and more painful to let go of it.

Second, did you notice that at every second it took more and more strength to keep squeezing? You had to focus more energy and attention on it every second in order to keep it up. Carrying a grudge will consume more and more of your life and energy and leave less left over for everything else.

Third, some of you may even have noticed a certain numbness from blood not circulating well through the fingers. Carrying a grudge can produce an insensitivity to the person...

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