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I heard about a woman whose dad owned a grocery store when she was growing up, and several times a week the milkman would come to deliver milk to the store, and every time he saw her he would say, "How is my little Miss America doing today? So beautiful, so talented." Everyday, he would stack the milk he would say, "How is my little Miss. American doing? So beautiful so talented." This went on for years and years, just building that into her. Well when she was a high school junior she entered her first pageant, and her goal was to become Miss America. When she won the Miss America title in the 1980’s, she gave the credit to the milkman. She said, "Those words motivated me and shaped my life."

Ever since I heard that I thought, I should of been saying to my kids everyday, “How’s my little millionaire today? Gonna take care of Daddy someday!”But seriously, think...

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