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One day, while my family was shopping at Lowes Home Improvement store, I was showing my little girl, Lauren, some of the large area rugs rolled up on the floor. I told her that we needed one that could fit perfectly in our living room. As we looked at different styles and colors, I came upon one that seemed to be perfect for our home. This particular rug was still rolled up on the floor and I began to "step" it off to determine its length. I used the heel to toe method and Lauren watched carefully as I made each step. I determined that it was 12 feet long. Lauren asked if she too could "step it off" and verify its length. She began to walk heel to toe and finished with a puzzled look on her face. She looked up at me and said, "Daddy, this rug isn’t 12 feet. I measured it and it’s exactly 20 feet long". I told her that I would "step it off" again and sure enough... I came up with 12 feet. Lauren couldn’t believe it! So, without delay, she makes one more attempt to "step if off" and ends up with a 20 foot measurement. All of a sudden, she said with a smile of relief,...

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