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Chuch Swindoll tells the story of his time in the Marines in 1958. He was serving with the Marine Corps band in Okinawa when their tour took them to a leper colony on the island. Swindoll said he was totally unprepared for what he encountered at the leper colony. He saw stumps instead of hands, clumps instead of fingers. He saw half faces, and he saw one ear instead of two. So heinous were those who lived on the colony that they were unable to applaud the band’s performances. He said he could literally see the anguished cries of the men, women and teenagers who made that place their home. He said, “We could play music for them, but we could not cleanse them of their disease.” The Bible compares sin to leprosy. The blood of Jesus Christ cleanses that ugly stain, and we, being cleansed, are able to live new lives.

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