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Another man wrote a book on how to catch fish. The book was an instant best seller. In a matter of weeks, the man was scheduled to talk about fishing on all the talk shows, and he was kept constantly busy with personal appearances and book signings. Over the next few years, he had taught just about everyone how to fish, but the sad part is that he never actually went fishing.

Many churches spend a lot of time talking about how to reach the lost; how to grow their congregation; and how to effectively build God’s kingdom. But those same churches do not seem willing to change what they have always done in the past so they can actually reach new people and grow His kingdom.

They do not understand how the younger generation could worship to certain kinds of music, or they do not understand that today’s generation has a ’sight and sound’ lifestyle and will not go to a church that does not offer what they are used to.

Most people in churches today are like the disciples that stayed in the boat. The disciples waited for Jesus to come to them, and today’s churches wait for the lost to come to them.

We need to start taking risks for Jesus Christ.

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    A church is headed nowhere until it has a clear vision

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    Contributed by John Gaston on Jan 29, 2015
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    When Paul says "The Time is Short" he warns us 1. Our Life is short; 2. Our Opportunities are Short & 3. The Time Until Christ's Coming will be Short. Are we living like our time is short?

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    Contributed by Charlie Roberts on Dec 3, 2012
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    The only thing that’s going to matter when we stand before Him, is what we do for the Lord and the building up of His Kingdom, while were here on this earth, it’s time to get busy!

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    What can stop God? Not something or someone more powerful than Him. The only thing in the bible that stopped God (Jesus) was when His children call out to Him. When Jesus heard His kids calling, He stopped. We should too.

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