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My title is taken from the story of the African two horned Rhinoceros.

Across the grassland of East Africa, The Two Horned Rhinoceros lives. They are magnificiant animals of tremendous speed, size and agility. He is the most dangerous and powerful animal on earth. All the rest of the animal kingdom is afraid of him and avoids him except the Bullalo bird.

You see them on his back. Picking at his back and ears like a woodpecker on a tree. The most amazing thing is that the rhino does not seem to mind. They have forged a friendship. The rhino is born with bad eyesight and is plagued with parasites. The Buffalo Bird keeps him clear of those parasites. HE PICKS THE BUGS OFF HIS BACK. Also, if there is danger present the Birds scream thus alerting the Rhino. In turn, the rhino offers protection for the Birds and provides their only diet.

It is a friendship forged in necessity.

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