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ILLUS: I am always kind of leery about the complements I receive as a preacher of the gospel. I know that many of them are very sincere but I always feel a little unworthy when someone really brags on a message that I have preached.

The greatest complement that I ever received was in a little church in Barstow, California. I was in school the Bible Institute in Bellflower, California and they sent me out to this little church to fill in until they could call a pastor. I had preached the morning message and I was at the back shaking hands with the folks when I noticed a young man (I would guess about 12 years old) standing back and waiting until everyone else had left. I knew that he wanted to say something to me. So, when everyone else had gone, he walked up and took my hand with both of his hands and tears filled his eyes and he said, "I DIDN’T KNOW JESUS WAS SO WONDERFUL".

And I thought, Oh! if I could only convey that to every person ever time that I had the opportunity to share the Word of God. That everyone might come away from the Preaching of the Blessed Word of God say, "I DIDN’T KNOW THAT JESUS WAS SO WONDERFUL."

Just think of the tragedy. To pass through this life and never know Jesus.

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