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One day out of the blue an old friend of mine ( I will call him Keith) phoned me to say he was in town and wanted to catch up. We hadn’t seen each other for over 15 years - I wasn’t a Christian when we were friends. Him and I were hell raisers, we were into anything and everything not good.

Anyway I was excited to hear from him and thought that maybe the Lord was on his case and it was time for him to get saved. I always look for those devine appointments and never miss n opportunity to tell people about my amazing "road to damascus experience".

Well Keith arrived with his latest lady (he had more lady friends in his life than thsn I had had hot dinners.) Keith was well known for this.

He arrived and treated me like 15 years ago. He swore constantly and went on about things he had been up to.

I interupted him to tell him about what had happened to me - I had become a christian and had found Jesus and told him all that old stuff didn’t interest me anymore - in fact I preached him a lovely sermon (according to my wife anyway).

Well Keith bolted. Made some excuse and left as fast as he could.

I was dissapointed and asked the Lord what it was all about. Didn’t He want Keith saved.

But the Lord said clearly to me that He wanted to show me from whence I had come - not by my good works but by HIS GRACE.

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