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Is There Really A God??

93 million miles from the blistering surface of the sun hangs the planet earth.

A rotating sphere perfectly suspended in the center of the universe. The ultimate creation from an infinite mind. An unbelievable intricate complex design. A supernatural testimony, an irrefutable sign. That there is....a God.

The size, position and angle of the earth is a scientific phenomenon to see a few degrees closer to the sun we’d disintegrate, a few degrees further we’d freeze. The axis of the earth is tilted at a perfect 23 degree angle and it’s no mistake that it is. This allows equal global distribution to the rays of the sun making it possible for the food chain to exist. Or take for example the combination of nitrogen and oxygen in the atmosphere we breathe ever day. It just happens to be the exact mix that life needs to prosper, it doesn’t happen on any other planet that way.

You see, the Bible says the invisible things of God are clearly seen through His creation, to believe this is not hard If there’s a design, there’s a designer, if there’s a plan, there’s a planner, and if there’s a miracle, there is a God. There is a hope, there is a light. There is an answer to all answers. There is a flame that burns in the night. And I know there is a God. The scripture says the heavens declare the glory of God and the skies proclaim the work of His hands. If we allow our minds to drink all the truth that just surrounds us, creation itself will help us understand.

Did you know the moon controls the tides, it’s the maid that cleans the oceans, even the waves don’t crash the shores in vain. The tides drag impurities into the depths of the sea, it’s nature’s constant recycling chain. It simply boggles the mind to think that the stars will rotate with such exact precision that it’s true. That the atomic clock they move though they silently orbit, the sun, the moon, the stars are like celestial evangelist above. Who circle the earth every 24 hours shouting in every language that there is a God. Atheism is the wedge under the foundation of our faith trying to topple our relationship with Christ. When the fool said in his heart, there is no God, he rejects the truth God painted on the canvas of the disease or calmed a fear.

Atheism has never still given answers to our existence, peace to a...

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