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The Cavalry Is Already Here! (08.25.05--Under Pressure!--Judges 1:1)

Working for a small, non-profit, I often find myself tackling projects on pretty much of a solo basis. The old adage, “If you want to get something done, you need to do it yourself!” is a prevalent attitude among those who work in the often under-staffed and over-taxed non-profit world. Sometimes, in order to get things done, you just need to tackle them head-on; because it isn’t likely that the cavalry is coming any time soon.

As utilitarian as it may sound however, tackling projects on a solo basis can often prove to be self-defeating. The fact of the matter is that, while you are busying yourself with completing one thing, there are likely two or more things that aren’t being done in the balance. Working solo may be often times attractive and, for that matter, addictive. But, it is no less of a rut than laziness. There are hazards to working alone. There is no other viewpoint to share and there is certainly no division of labor. When faced with the pressure of getting things done, especially when that those “things” are critically important, sometimes it is a far better alternative to wait for the cavalry.

Take the story of the Hope College Women’s basketball team that had made it to the national playoffs. The final game saw Hope twenty points behind with ten minutes left to play. Nevertheless, the team remained calm and began to narrow the gap. Slowly the difference on the scoreboard began to lessen. Then with just five seconds remaining, a three point basket tied the game. The shooter, Dina Disney, had been fouled on the shot and she was now given the opportunity to win the game with her free throw. With no time left on the clock, she sank the first of two free throws to put her team ahead and win the game. Later, when television and press interviewers asked her how she stayed calm under so much pressure, Dina replied with a surprising answer. As she stood at the free throw line concentrating on her last shot, she said that she had recited to herself, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Daily Bread)

Dina discovered something that every Christian has at one time or another experienced, the coming of the cavalry; and that cavalry is Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. I am reminded of the Israelites after the death of Joshua. Joshua had led them in a valiant and successful fight again their Canaanite foes. But now, with Joshua gone, who would lead them into battle? God answered their question on the spot, “Go!” was the response. With Jehovah at their side, there was no need to fear enemy. The cavalry they were looking for was already in place. There was no need to go it alone with God at the helm. When pressure causes you to stumble, call in the cavalry and don’t try going it alone.

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