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Mary was only 16. After all she had her whole life to live. As she stood there outside of the clinic she would never forget what she just did. Tears filled her eyes as she walked back to her car and looked into her own mothers eyes as she closed the door. I know mom said that it would be ok and that it was my choice. I am a woman and it is my body…I can do what I want with what belongs to me. Looking through the past now I can see that one bad decision caused another and then another until now I don’t know if I will ever feel forgiveness for what I have done. Where was my heart…how could I kill my own child. How could I feel her kick in my womb? How could I know that her little heart was beating and that each little finger and toe was formed and then end my own child’s life before she had a chance to say, “I love you mommy”. All because of one bad choice!

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