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You know, whoever said, “Timing is everything” was brilliant. Chuck Noland, in the movie “Cast-Away” understood that. He thought he had his life planned out perfectly, “no worries,” great job, giving his girl an engagement ring... that was just before his plane crashed and he was left on a deserted island for 4 years. When he comes back everything has changed. But, while on that island, Chuck learned some valuable lessons.. Like the fact that in the end he had control over nothing and that timing was everything.

{Video Clip - Cast Away - Chapter 30:2:08:43 - 2:12:15 = 3:32}

Sometimes that’s all we can do is wait. Wait for what the tide might bring in. Oh, you probably won’t be forced to wait on a deserted island but often times if we will just do what we can, keep breathing as Chuck said, and wait... the tide in the right timing will bring in a sail.

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