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The new preacher, fresh out of college, had just moved into town. He was nervous but excited about all of the opportunities. After a few days, a nurse at the hospital called and said that he needed to come and visit Mabel. He had never met Mabel but she was a member of the church. On the way to the hospital he thought about all of the Scriptures he need to read and what words to use in the prayer. He was nervous as he walked into Mabel’s room. He tried to make small talk with her but she was unable. She told him, "Just say a prayer for me." The preacher asked, "What specifically do you want me to pray for?" "To be healed," said Mabel. The preacher said a flowery prayer full of Scriptures and then he concluded with "Amen." He was ready to leave the room when Mabel said, "I feel much better." Then she sat up in the bed and said, "I think the Lord has healed me." Then she stood up on the bed and said loudly, "Praise God! Glory!...

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