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A man was walking on the beach one afternoon kicking up the sand, discussed with

certain things. There on the beach was a bottle and as he walked he kicked the bottle into

the surf. POP Out of the bottle came a mysterious being... a Jeannie. “Because you

have freed me you are granted three wishes...but be advised that with each one your

mother-in-law will receive double what you ask for.”

Thinking seriously the man responded, “ I would like $10,000,000.”

“Granted and your mother-in-law will received twenty million.”

“Next wish”.....I would like 10 new cars, Corvettes, Ferrari, Vipers,

“Granted but you know your mother-in-law will receive 20 new cars.” Great.

“This is your last wish now so think about it seriously”.....

The man thought and thought and finally he responded, “I wish you would beat me half

to death.”

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