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I hope that they are praying as well just as two men did on September 11, 2001. I read this story in this week’s lookout. Two men were on the 81st floor of tower #2 of the World Trade Center, desperately trying to avoid the fate that was claiming so many that day.

Stanley Praimnath, an assistant vice president for Fuji Bank Limited, found himself trapped after the United Airlines plane crashed into his building. He was buried up to his neck in debris, isolated behind collapsed walls, while a wing of the airliner burned nearby.

Knowing the desperation of his situation, he began to pray to the Lord, asking him to please send someone to help. While praying, he saw a beam from a flashlight and heard someone on the other side of the debris. Praimnath yelled to draw his attention, but the oth4er person could not get through to him.

Parimnath then cried out to the person on the other side and asked him if he knew Jesus, and if the could pray together for God to help. The two men joined in prayer still separated from each other amid the wreckage.

After they prayed, Praimnath was gripped with the knowledge that he could kick through the wall separating them. As he began to break a small hole through the wall, Brain Clark reached through and pulled Stanley...

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