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I had the privilege to speak on the phone with Jim Difford whom is working with the Louisiana Baptist Convention. In the midst of disaster they and many other churches are getting to minister to Christ by meeting the needs of the hungry, providing shelter, clothing and helping the physically afflicted. And they are seeing God do a work through them.

On Wednesday, September 7, they had received a call from a truck driver, saying that he had a truckload of supplies and he needed someone to meet him at the airport as soon as possible, meaning today. They had no place for the food to go, no truck to pick it up or the help to get the job done.

In less than five minutes a call came in from Houma, Louisiana, a town about three hours away, saying they needed supplies as soon as possible. The amount of supplies requested was the exact amount and type of supplies that was on that truck. Now, they were really praying and seeking the Lord for help because they have supplies, a need, and no way of getting it to the people.

In five minutes they received a phone call from a man, saying that he was available to help fly supplies were they needed it, however, he was somewhat limited on money to buy fuel. In another five minutes they received another phone call from a pastor of a church, offering $5,000.00 to go to an immediate need. In around fifteen minutes they saw the Lord give supplies, make the arrangements and provide the funds to meet the need of a group of people who have been afflicted by one of the worse storms to do damage on American soil.

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