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All of the Star Wars movies center around the life of one main character, Anakin Skywalker. Episode three tells the story of the demise of Anakin Skywalker. Anakin is one of the greatest heroes of the Jedi order but he allows his personal desires and wants to cloud his decisions. Slowly he begins to move from being a hero to becoming a villain.

Anakin starts on his downward path by doing something that was forbiden, he gets married. Then in the heat of battle, he kills an enemy in cold blood. Anakin then hides the fact that his wife is pregnant. Slowly decision by decision he begins to open his life to evil and settles into its enticement and influence. Anakin then makes the decision to betray his fellow Jedi and kills one of their leaders. He then makes his final decision and joins the dark side.

The life of a believer can change as rapidly into a downward spiral. We can surrender our lives to the wrong things and do something we would never imagine doing, turning away from God.

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